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Newron EV-1 Curved Wooden Electric Motorcycle Concept

Newron Motors unveiled this futuristic sculpted wooden electric motorcycle. Newron Motors curved wooden electric motorcycle runs in absolute silence, with nearly 300 km (180 mi) of range.

source/image: fb/Newron Motors

Its body panels are largely constructed out of a premium quality wood of your choice. The battery itself has an impressive range of 186 miles, and can be charged up to 80 percent in just 40 minutes via its CCS fast charging plug.

source/image: fb/Newron Motors

The Battery Pack is a structural part of the chassis. Its design offers offers extraordinary ease of maintenance, upgrades and materials recovery, making the EV-1 a sustainable vehicle that will last for ages.


The motorcycle is powered by a a 75kW PMAC engine that has a torque output of 240 Newton-meters, clocking 0-60mph in just below three seconds, and a top speed of 137mph.

source/image: fb/Newron Motors

“The future is electric.In absolute silence, the motorcycle is listening to its owner. Wild or reasonable with nearly 300 km (180 mi) of range, it will take you further than any other.We imagine sensations of tomorrow in a high-end motorcycle which combines the best technologies and materials for a unique experience.Man becomes one with the machine.”