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Next Generation Modular Bicycle Tire With Integrated Zipper!


ReTyre is a Modular Tyre System with integrated zippers allowing you to change the surface in seconds.Change the tyres attributes and design.No more compromise – the right grip for the right conditions.Easy, fast and durable.

source/image: retyre

Tyres are critical to the overall performance of your bike and to your experience. A reTyre Ready™ bike is the ultimate year-round vehicle and can go from road racer to off-road king in seconds.

One half of the zip sits permanently on the base tyre, just above the top of the wheel’s rim wall, the other half of the zip lives on the skin. You put them together, zip ’em up and away you go.


You don’t need to deflate the base tyre to instal the skin. This extremely user-friendly design allows for you to attach a new skin whenever you need, making it easy to adjust for unpredictable weather conditions in a moment’s notice.

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This next generation of ReTyre system will be available later this month for pre-order directly from ReTyre, or through an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

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