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Nissan Caravan Mountain Base Concept Perfect Office On Wheels


Nissan Caravan Mountain Base Concept was revealed. The Tokyo Auto Salon will host the new Tokyo Auto Salon in 2022.Nissan Mountain Base is a minivan for outdoor activities. Wood finish outside and inside. There is an electric fireplace and solar panels.

source/image(PrtSc): REC Anything

Instead of chairs, an original bench and table are installed. The Caravan Mountain Base Concept brings a mountain cabin style to the light commercial vehicle base, adding conveniences such as a roof-mounted main solar panel with additional solar panels on the sides of the vehicle.

The most interesting feature of the Mountain Base is its readily adjustable solar panel. The interior fittings of the Caravan Mountain Base Concept include a slim worktop and bench, a metal-look net on the front inner wall for storing equipment.


The sunshine grey wooden paneling and huge home windows preserve the cabin trying shiny.There is plenty of space to rest and work, but it doesn’t look as impressive as its exterior design.//REC Anything

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