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Nyobolt EV Sportscar Prototype In 5 Minutes 80% Charge


Nyobolt is transitioning its high-power density, fast-charging battery technology from the laboratory to practical applications by unveiling the first operational Nyobolt electric vehicle prototype. Collaboratively designed and engineered with CALLUM, the Nyobolt electric vehicle aims to validate the company’s battery performance in high-performance settings and demonstrate to automakers an enhanced customer experience where long charging times are a thing of the past.

source.image: DPCcars

Founded in 2019 and based in Cambridge, Nyobolt has developed next-generation patented carbon and metal oxide anode materials, a low impedance cell design, integrated power electronics, and advanced software controls. These innovations have resulted in power-dense battery and charging systems that support the electrification of high-uptime industrial and automotive applications, including heavy-duty off-highway trucks, electric vehicles, robotics, and consumer devices that require high power and rapid recharge cycles.

Initial in-vehicle testing this month using powerful 350 kilowatt (800 volt) direct current fast chargers has already confirmed that the Nyobolt electric vehicle’s 50 ampere-hour 35 kilowatt-hour battery can be charged from 10 percent to 80 percent in four minutes and 37 seconds.


A full charge allows the prototype to achieve a range of 155 World Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure miles, which is twice the speed of most of the fastest charging vehicles available today. Notably, the first four minutes of charging at a constant current of 500 amperes provide 120 miles of range.