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Octopus Escaping Through a 1 Inch Diameter Hole

Octopuses have an amazing ability to squeeze through tiny crevices, cracks and holes. This is a normal, natural behavior for them.The octopus was probably 6 feet or more from arm to arm, and they can squeeze through anything larger than their beak, the only ‘bone’ in their body.

image/text credit: James Wood

My fall BIOS independent studies student, Raymond Deckel investigated just how small a hole Octopus macropus can fit through as well as how long it took them to squeeze through different sizes of holes.

CAABS intern Rowena Day, NSF-REU intern Jared Kibele as well as teaching assistant Abel Valdivia help wrangle the 232 g octopu while Ray timed it’s escape through a 1 inch hole.I shot video clips for later analysis.


No doubt you’ll have heard that octopuses are intelligent creatures, capable of escaping tricky situations, but it really has to be seen to be believed.