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Off-Grid Ecodome Dome House Built With Earth Bags


Take a tour to Seb and Isa’s earth bag “ecodome” home, and their off-grid piece of paradise.They have solar power, propane, and a rocket stove, and they’re planting native trees, mushrooms, etc. along a path to create a permaculture food source on their property.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

They also have a tipi and a yurt, in addition to the earthbag structure, where people can come to spend some time in nature, enjoy the trails they’ve set up,and learn different skills from basket weaving to building a rocket stove.

Seb and Isa are two very inspiring and hard working people who are a pleasure to be around. It’s also very nice to see people putting their beliefs and ideals into action.


Their sustainable off grid project is called La Nature à l’état Pur.The eco dome is built using plans for a SuperAdobe home, which they learned how to build in California at the CalEarth Institute.//Exploring Alternatives

VIAExploring Alternatives
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