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Old Sailboat Transformed Into Epic Treehouse Pirate Ship

Tanglewood is an incredible eco sanctuary and retreat space, located in Auckland, New Zealand. Situated on an amazing regenerating property, it’s home to some wonderfully experimental tiny homes.

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

From an old sailing ship which has been hoisted into the trees to become a pirate ship themed treehouse, to a stunning small cob cottage and idilic cabin, this eco retreat is a haven for sustainable, experimental architecture./via.read more: livingbiginatinyhouse

The pirate ship treehouse is a wonderful example of re-use and reclaiming of resources. Almost entirely constructed out of salvaged materials, this space is incredibly fun and creative.


Stepping inside, the entire space has been lovingly hand crafted and is again home to some wonderfully creative design such as the birds nest loft and incredible seed of life inlay floor design.