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Olympian Model O1 Classic Electric Sedan


Olympian Motors is an electric vehicle company, based in New York.Olympian is manufacturing electric vehicles of the 21st century.We are bringing aesthetics, nature & color back to cars. We prioritize aesthetic, nature and minimalism. We use steel and wood. The Olympian Model 01 is a four door, four passenger, rear wheel drive electric sedan sporting a military grade carbon fiber and titanium body set atop a Super Board skateboard chassis made by Chinese electric mobility company U Power Tech.

source.image: Olympian Motors

This car’s 228 kilowatt motor delivers 305 pound foot of torque taking the vehicle from 0 to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds. It has a top speed of 160 mph. one charge of its 82 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack should be good for a range of approximately 305 miles.

The perfect balance of nature, minimalism, aesthetics,Find comfort. Have your space. Relax. Decompress. Exclusive, High-end, Aesthetic, Minimalistic. Feel the Olympian experience. It’s more than just a car.In the event an impact does occur, Olympian is designed to keep you safe and secure.


Superior construction leads to superior protection, so Olympian’s frame is built of military-grade carbon fiber and titanium for solid structural rigidity. The cabin surrounds passengers with up to nine airbags — and can accommodate two car seats with anchors in the rear. Even the Glass Canopy and windows are laminated, so they won’t shatter easily or break into large pieces.

Olympian vehicles achieve a luxurious minimalist interior that only adds to their allure. Today’s interior automotive design requires a connection to the outside work, but we believe 2D-display screens and excessive buttons and switches are unnecessary. Instead, we combine advanced technology with natural elements to achieve a relaxing environment.