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One Ff a Kind Triple Black 1967 Ford Mustang GT K-Code Convertible

There are many “1 of 1” cars in the Brothers Collection, including this very special 1967 Ford Mustang featuring a triple black color scheme and a 271 horsepower K-code 289 V8 under the hood. Although there were 50 K-code convertibles built, this might be the only one with the black deluxe interior and a black exterior and top. At any rate, we dig it, and are happy to share it as our Muscle Car Of The Week!

image credit: V8TV

During the restoration process, the vehicles original parts were retained and restored where possible or replaced with NOS equivalents as required. If a restored original part was unavailable, the best-quality aftermarket part was used.

Given this method of restoration, the car retains most of it original factory parts including the complete serialized driveline, from air cleaner to rear end. All three VINs are present including the original door VIN plate.


The few aftermarket parts that were used include a floor section and the footboard/firewall panel.Historical data on the 1967 Ford Mustang K-Code Convertible indicates that there were 50 made, 34 of those 50 were 4-speeds, 2 of those 34 were Triple Black, and one had the Deluxe interior, making this a one-of-a-kind example.