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One Lioness Tries to Hunt Elephant To Feed Her Cubs


Watch the incredibly rare moment as a lioness, hoping to feed her cubs, single-handedly tries to take down an elephant! This incredible video was shared with us by 28 year old film maker – Samuel Chevallier who is a part of the African Bush Camps film team called Rewild.

source/imge: Kruger Sightings

It was said that this sighting was an intense moment to witness and that capturing this event was a once in a lifetime experience for this guide. We asked Samuel to tell us more about the experience and what led up to this breath-taking moment and in his own words, he told LatestSightings.com his story:

“The early morning light broke and we were happy to find that they were still resting in the same place.”The group watched the lions for a short while when the mother got up and moved her and her cubs through the bush. “Slowly we pursued them to see what they were up to and after some time, the mother headed into the thicket. The next thing, all we heard was the screeching sound of an elephant!” said Chevallier.


The group then got a visual of the lioness on top of the young elephant, trying to get the elephant down.The lioness clawed into the thick skin of a young elephant, hanging on while the animal fought against the strong grip and pull of the big cat. After struggling to get the lioness off, the elephant managed to shake loose from her grip and ran off into the bush.

VIAKruger Sightings
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