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OpenSky M-02J Jet-Powered Motor Glider


The OpenSky M-02J is a Japanese jet-powered glider inspired by the Möwe aircraft flown by the protagonist in the Hayao Miyazaki anime Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

source/image(PrtSc): SKY CABIN Films

It is a tail-less design intended to be powered on take off and climb for a duration of 10 minutes,then flown unpowered as a glider. The whole thing is over 30 feet wide and nearly seven feet long, and offers a top speed of 124 mph

As of June 2006, two aircraft prototypes have been constructed, and one has successfully completed a series of 10 unpowered test flights where it flew 98 meters and achieved an altitude of 4 meters after being tow-launched by a tensed elastic cable.


The project is led by artist Kazuhiko Hachiya and design by Satoru Shinohe and manufactured by Aircraft Olympos. The Jet engine installed version, M-02J, had public demonstration flight in June 2016 at Takikawa, Hokkaido./wikipedia

  • Date:2016/7/31
  • Airline:OpenSky
  • Aircraft:M-02J
  • Registration:JX0122
  • Airport:Takikawa Skypark(Takikawa City/Hokkaido/Japan)
  • Camera:CANON XA20