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Open A Tin Food Can With Sand Paper Or a Rock!


Open a tin food can with sand paper! This fun life hack could be useful in an emergency. Try doing it on a stone slab or brick, and surprise people with this trick as the top flies off!

source/image: DaveHax

Turn the can upside down and use a scrubbing motion to create friction between the sandpaper or a rock and the can. Keep going until you see moisture appear on the rock or on the lid of the can.

Turn the can over to check it every so often. You want to stop as soon as you see moisture. This means the lid is thin enough to break through.Don’t rub so hard that you rub right through the can lid.


Cans nowadays are sealed with a roller. It bends the top of the can which creates a crimp.The friction cuts through the top, which makes it easier for you to open the can.This technique is really cool and it’s one of those survival tips that you really need to learn.