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Overair Butterfly eVTOL Future Of Transportation


Butterfly is more than just another eVTOL aircraft. It’s a testament to our commitment to revolutionary technology and inclusive transportation. We’ve accomplished the unimaginable in noise reduction with Butterfly leading the industry at fewer than 55 decibels.

source.image: Overair

The spacious cabin accommodates a pilot, five passengers and luggage. Adaptable cabin design allows for a variety of applications such as charter, medical transport, and cargo. Butterfly tiltrotor eVTOL will set a new standard for safe and near-silent aerial transportation. Pilot + 5 Passengers + Bags.

Butterfly isn’t just about getting from point A to B—it’s about unlocking a day full of possibilities. With a range of over 100 miles and capacity for up to five passengers and luggage, we have designed Butterfly to help you make the most of your life. The cruise speed for the aircraft is estimated to be 200 mph (322 km/h).


According to the company, when compared to other eVTOL aircraft using smaller propellers, the Butterfly eVTOL aircraft will require less power at all air speeds and especially when hovering. Some other design features include the aircraft being powered by battery packs, having a carbon fiber composite fuselage.

Having multiple redundant systems, having larger windows than conventional aircraft for better views for the passengers and has retractable tricycle wheeled landing gear. Overair will continue to execute their Butterfly program as efficiently as possible, focusing on certification as the finish line.