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Owl Trapped In Fishing Line Gets Rescued

A motivated superintendent at an Austin golf course was able to free a great horned owl that was tangled in fishing line.Wild animals have a natural born fear of humans, and rightfully so.We didn’t exactly do a lot of good in preservation of wildlife throughout history, but every once in awhile a video of sheer awesomeness comes out and makes you think humans aren’t that bad after all.

image credit: lowkeyfilms

This owl got fishing line wrapped around its wing and it was stuck there perched up in the middle of the pond. The most miraculous thing is that when a man started approaching it so he could untangle the line, the owl knew he was there to help and was not only calm, it even cooperated.

Even Mr. Loving’s mom got into the action saying, “I’m so proud of you son. It’s a great video and job well done. Mom”“A little intimidating, especially when his beak started snapping at me, but it was cool, it was definitely very cool!


It was great to see the easy touch with which he cut the line and untangled the owl, and as much as it was about caring for the animal it was also something to do with self preservation.