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Paralympian’s Wheelchair Accessible Camper Van Tiny Home on Wheels


Join Lisa Franks, a three-time Paralympian and now avid van lifer, as she invites us into her world of resilience and innovation. Living with a spinal cord injury from the age of 14, Lisa transformed her challenges into triumphs, first by dominating wheelchair sports, and now by conquering life on the road in her fully customized, wheelchair-accessible camper van. In this inspiring tour, Lisa Franks, a celebrated wheelchair athlete who represented Canada at three Paralympic Games, shares how she has meticulously designed her Ford Transit high-roof van to cater to her needs while embodying the comforts of home.

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Despite her spinal cord injury, Lisa’s adventurous spirit thrives as she navigates van life with remarkable adaptability and creative solutions. Custom Lowered Cabinets: Designed for easy access, these include a pull-down shelf for heavy items like canned goods, enabling independence and convenience. Recessed Drawer Handles: Chosen to prevent catching on wheelchair spokes, enhancing mobility within the space. Modified Living Area: Spacious enough to allow full rotation of a wheelchair, with added flooring to cover the van step, improving accessibility.

Innovative Kitchen Setup: Includes a pull-out cooktop and chopping block to allow close access from a wheelchair, making cooking an enjoyable, hassle-free experience. Dual-Access Storage Shelf: Accessible from inside and outside the van, optimizing storage for frequently used items like jackets, tools, and books without the need to rearrange everything.


Convertible Bench Design: Initially housing a porta potty, now remodeled to include a collapsible bucket under a toilet seat cut-out, reflecting Lisa’s practical adjustments for boondocking. From lights to fans, all are adjusted via remote, showcasing the high level of thought placed into every detail of the van’s design to ensure it meets her mobility needs. Features like the super arm wheelchair lift, which occupies minimal space, and a custom outdoor table enhance the functionality of the van without compromising on aesthetics or practicality.