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Paxster Electric Utility All Terrain Vehicle


Step into utility excellence with the Paxster Utility eCompact. This brief walkthrough highlights this tool’s reliability, versatility, and sustainability – key factors reshaping the utility market. Join us for a quick tour!

source.image: Paxster Utility

Agile and versatile. The trusted worksite expert for any environment. Ideal for campuses, parks, ports, equestrian centers and more. Its compact design offers exceptional maneuverability and surface protection. Enjoy easy access, intuitive controls, and excellent visibility. Beeing road-legal and eco-friendly, it’s perfect year-round and compatible with various equipment for all your site’s needs.

The extruded profile is the foundation of the system, offering infinite possibilities. Customize endlessly: move, cut, add, or remove profiles as needed. Attach anything, anywhere on the profiles with our unique FlexiMount M6 threaded insert. Complete the FlexiRack PRO with standard attachments and holders. Sturdy construction for reliable support.


PaxPower converts the vehicle to a large, powerful energy-bank. Power small tools to large equipment, it runs everything up to 3kVa from standard outlets. Made possible with a robust 10kWh lithium battery for extended usage. Access mains power wherever you go. Advanced motor and drivetrain technology minimizes energy usage.With the equivalent of one liter of diesel (10 kWh of energy, similar to our battery), the eCompact achieves a true range of 72 miles with mixed driving conditions.

Maximized energy utilization ensures extended range. Longer drives with zero environmental impact. Spacious rear cargo bed 1057 x 857 mm. Detachable tailgate and rigid sides. Detachable and stackable sides to hold a standard pallet. Waterproof plywood floor for wear-resistance. Front cargo platform in plywood with easy access for storage.