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PAY & SIT – The Private Bench – Hostile Architecture

A German designer Fabian Brunsing has created a very unique Pay & Sit Bench specially for those who hate sharing their seats in a park.

source/image: Fabian Brunsing

This is what’s known as Hostile Architecture. Its purpose is to discourage homeless people from sleeping on benches and other items in public areas.

To sit on it comfortably, you have to insert a € 0,50 coin. After paying, the pins that prevent people from sitting on the bench will disappear automatically and you can comfortability sit for a fixed period of time before the alarm goes off.


After a couple of minutes a sound warns the sitter for the end of his/her sitting time,few seconds after the buzzer spikes rise again. It’s not a cool invention really, however, imagine a drunk guy inserting a coin and falling asleep here. Or even worse – blind person looking for a seat in the park.