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Pensioner Who Runs His Car On Chip Fat Oil


A pensioner from Sussex has got so fed up with the price of petrol that he has decided to run his vehicle on chip fat. George Ruffle 67, from Hastings decided to try the sunflower oil after a like-minded friend ran his car on the fluid without any problems.

image/source: Britclip

The sunflower oil and fat are not mineral-based fuels, so the emissions are less harmful, although there is a slight smell of chip fat as he passes you by.

In fact, vegetable oil is a biofuel (a fuel that comes from plant materials rather than petrol) and people have been using old chip fat as a greener, and cheaper, substitute for fossil fuels for years.


Chip fat is made of hydrogen and carbon atoms. If we could get the hydrogen atoms out of these molecules we could use it as a really good clean fuel. This is because hydrogen contains lots of energy. React it with oxygen and that energy is released with a big bang and a little bit of water as a waste product. It is just about the perfect fuel.