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People Need To Be Aware Of These Hidden Spy Cameras Disguised as Screws In Public Bathrooms

You might have heard about hidden cameras being placed in the changing rooms or washrooms in malls. Now, a new range of screw cameras has hit the market. These screw cameras are said to be difficult to locate or trace.

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These screw cameras are very tiny in size and shape and they cannot be traced easily as they are fitted inside the threads of screws. Spies who regularly use such hidden cameras as a part of their investigation have confirmed that such screw cameras are available in the market.

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If you look closer, you’ll find a tiny hidden camera, which allows people to spy on you while you’re doing your thang in the stall or getting changed in a dressing room.


These screw cameras can be used for wrong purposes. Hence, people need to be aware and cautious of a blink of cameras while staying in hotels or changing clothes in changing rooms at malls, said renowned spy Rajni Pandit.

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“We have not received any complaint concerning screw cameras and if it comes she will take the lead for action,” said a police officer.In the days of fast changing technology, one needs to highly cautious from an illegal and unethical use of gadgets like these screw cameras.

Detectives are investigating after hidden cameras were found in women’s bathrooms in the Florida Keys. How can you be sure that the next time you’re in a private area that you’re not being recorded?