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People Who Talk to Themselves Aren’t Crazy, They’re Actually Geniuses

If you see a man talking to himself on the street, that means he’s crazy, right? Well… not necessarily.The customary impression we have of people we catch talking to themselves is that of shock. We label them as crazy people because we have been told that we talk only when we are having a dialogue. Monologs are left for the mentally unstable patients. Researchers have now confirmed that clever people talk to themselves.

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The greatest inventors talked to themselves. Einstein. Org says that the genius often muttered words to himself. So, if you enjoy speaking to yourself, you are not alone. I do it too!You are more likely to find an object easily if you spoke to yourself while searching. Speaking out loud conditions your memory to focus on the object of your confession.

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They arrived at this conclusion after carrying out a trial on 20 test participants in two different scenarios.In the first scenario, the subjects were asked to be silent as they searched a store for an object. In the second test run they spoke to themselves about the object they were looking for.


The result proved that the participants found the object faster during the second scenario.Of course, you have to know the appearance of the object you in question for this to work. The religious folks place so much emphasis on meditation because it helps them focus on their maker.

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For example, Christians classify muttering under one’s breath as the second phase of meditation.According to the founder of Christ Embassy Church Chris Oyakilome, the second phase of meditation conditions your brain cells to think less of other things and more of the matter you are trying to focus on.

We need to listen to our voices to know to use them properly. This is how babies learn to talk they listen to adults and imitate them. Talking to yourself is helpful. If it’s something, you already do you may not be crazy.