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Peugeot 3.5hp 1919 344cc V-twin Two Cylinder


This sturdy Peugeot has been restored to very high standard years ago. It is equipped with an Amac carburetor, 2-speed gearbox and rear twin shoes on belt rim brake.

source.image: classic-motorcycle.com

This well-tried engine reappeared after WWI and from 1919 to 1922 was fitted to face-lifted motorcycles, which had simply been modernized by adding a gearbox.

First seen in 1913, on the single-speed belt-drive “Paris-Nice” lightweight, this V-twin was fitted with a two-speed gearbox during WWI- on models that were never catalogued but very likely reserved for the French Army. In 1919, they appeared on the civilian market, with only one apparent mechanical modification-the adoption, a 2 speed gearbox was standard.


The MC remained in production through 1922. Faced with competition from war-surplus Harleys and Indians, the Peugeot was given a beefier appearance. The flimsy Truffault fork was replaced by a robust leading-link unit, a bigger tank was fitted and toolboxes were fitted on the luggage grid. The new-look wasn’t enough production of the MC still remained small