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Physicist 3D-Printed A Full-Scale Lamborghini In His Backyard


This is the worlds only 3D Printed Lamborghini, Sterling Backus said, he had a budget of $20,000 US dollars, he achieved this budget by sourcing parts from junk yards and doing all the work himself.Sterling used a toy model that he enlarged in 3D-drafting software Solidworks to help 3D print many of the parts used in their project car.

source.image: Wonder World

Using desktop 3D printers such as a QIDI X Pro, they were able to 3D-print many of the parts used in the car.The entire body of the car was 3D printed. The chassis, the engine, transaxle, and other structural parts were not.They’ve used a total of 220 spools of thermoplastics including PLA for the carbon fiber encapsulated parts.

Under the 3d printed lamborgini’s hood isn’t lamborghini’s signature V12, but instead is an LS1, a V8 manufactured by GM and used in the Corvette. The transmission on the Aventador, funnily enough, isn’t a Lamborghini stock too but rather is taken from a Porsche 911.


3D Printed Pieces Total = 1000.Total print time = 6000 hours.Average time per piece = 6 hours average per piece.Longest Print Time = was 52 hrs for the front scoops which cool the brakes..Lambo Not For Sale = But has had $100k offers.Future Plans = Will continue to refine it for years to come, no other new cars planned..Lambo Parts = Lamborghini donated parts, but the car will not be badged Lamborghini.3D printer = CR-10S from Amazon.