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PILOTE A696 Model 2024 Big Living Room Camper


The Pilote Atlas A696 G is a semi-integrated camper that is part of a special series in honor of Pilote’s 60th anniversary. Pilote’s designers have designed the camper entirely according to the latest trends and to respond well to the wishes of the market.The model has compact dimensions, without sacrificing space and comfort. Despite its relatively small dimensions length x width: approximately 700 x 220 cm, this camper offers a surprisingly spacious interior, as well as a large standard equipment.

source.image: miniCampers

Under the hood we find a powerful 170 hp six-speed automatic transmission, supplemented with a limited slip differential. The starting price for this model is €105,900.The camper is very spacious on the inside, with a long transverse bed and a wide fold-down bed. The two comfortably seated longitudinal benches around the folding table are easily accessible.

What is striking is the extensive standard equipment and a separate shower and toilet room located across the entire width, which can be connected together to form one large space. That is unique on this vehicle length. With four roof hatches and the panoramic window above the cabin, there is plenty of daylight and good ventilation.


There is also a large storage space in the garage and the separate sliding drawer on the left outside.”The Pilote Atlas A696 G is based on Ford, a 170 hp engine, a six-speed automatic transmission and a limited slip differential. The semi-integrated is available from 105,900 euros.