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Planting Blueberries & Growing Blueberries In Your Home Garden

Blueberries require a sunny location for full production. Avoid areas surrounded by trees. Trees can provide too much shade, compete with plants for water and nutrients, encourage birds, and inter‑fere with air movement around the plants. Poor aircirculation favors the development of diseases.

Blueberries have very specific soil require‑ments. Plants grow best in well-drained, light,sandy loam soils that are high in organic matter and have a pH between 4.5 and 5.5.If your garden has only coarse, sandy or grav‑elly soils, pay careful attention to watering and fertilizing.

Tricia shows you how to plant and grow delicious, nutritious blueberries in containers and in the garden. Tips on soil, fertilizing, and pruning.


Along with good soil, blueberries also need plenty of sunlight. Choose a spot in your backyard that gets a lot of sunlight during the day. You should leave about five feet between each bush when planting. If you’re using a pot, try and 18-inch pot and give them about 1-2 inches of water per week.