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PlasticRoad A Revolution In Building Roads Concept


Working from a new perspective on infrastructure solutions, PlasticRoad has developed a product series that takes on these complex, modern-day challenges. You can use PlasticRoad’s climate-adaptive and circular elements to construct bike paths, footpaths, parking lots and squares.

source/image(PrtSc): PlasticRoad

PlasticRoad offers a comprehensive solution for flooding, harmful emissions, plastic waste and soft soil. A road, temporary water storage and drainage – all rolled into one climate-adaptive and circular structure. Our products form the perfect answer to the sustainability requirements of today.

The project is an outcome of a partnership between three companies namely:KWS: It’s the market leader in producing asphalt in the Netherlands as well as road construction. It’s engaged in constructing large, complicated, and multi-disciplinary projects alongside small projects for government and individuals.


Wavin: It’s the European market leader in supplying plastic pipe systems and also offers a wide product range for sustainable rainwater management. Total: It’s the global energy producer and provider, a leading oil & gas company and world’s second biggest solar energy operator with SunPower. It deals with oil & gas production, refining, petrochemicals, and marketing.

In this project, the aim is to build pre-fabricated and hollow spaces and lay them down in the form of blocks for road construction. Moreover, in case the plastic isn’t found to provide the required stiffness, the plan is to use add sand or crushed stone to the mix.

The project claims that the plastic roads will feature: 70% faster road construction,Dual use of hollow space for cables, pipes or water storage,Little or no maintenance,3 x longer expected lifetime of the roads,4 times lighter than the traditional road structure.

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