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PlasticRoad – A Revolution In Building Roads From Recycled Plastic!


Imagine that constructing a road would take days instead of months. That roads would last three times as long. That maintenance and traffic disruption are things of the past. And that cable and piping problems as well as the urban water problem are solved overnight.This may sound like a scenario in the distant future, but nothing could be further from the truth.

source/image(PrtSc): KWS

KWS, a VolkerWessels company, Wavin and Total are working on the development of plastic roads, also known as the PlasticRoad. Every component of the PlasticRoad is being designed to make its application completely circular, with the goal of using recycled plastic as much as possible.

The pre-fabricated units will be easy to transport, assemble and maintain, and the lighter weight means the ground will be less prone to subsidence. The objective is to create a road with a smaller ecological footprint than traditional road systems.


The PlasticRoad design features a ‘hollow’ space that can be used for running cables and pipes and channelling rainwater and is a lightweight design, which can be laid quickly and it is claimed it is virtually maintenance free, with three times the expected lifespan./plasticroad