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Plywood-free Tiny House, The Shiny Tiny

The Shiny Tiny House is instantly recognizable because of it’s shiny corrugated siding as well as it’s angular rear. It’s for sale in Lopez Island, Washington and the owner hooked us up with a video tour.

image/text credit: Tiny House Listings

“Two king size bed lofts, staircase, and plenty of floor space. Everett piano included! Discover the Shiny Tiny house featuring original architecture by a tiny house builder from Michigan — this is the only house built with the unique design.

No plywood, drywall, paint, or tar paper/shingles were used in the house construction, so there is no toxic material off-gassing. The house is designed and built to be an all-natural, breathable and mold-resistant home.”


Outside, there’s a rainwater gathering system, and a series of solar panels. Inside, there’s a composting toilet, which is convenient in a tiny house, but which some also consider more environmentally conscious.