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Podbike Futureproof Mobility: Fully-Enclosed Electric Assist Velomobile

PODBIKE is a human powered vehicle with electric assist, an e-bike with four wheels, providing weather protection and seats one adult plus a child inside a filtered air cabin. PODBIKE will be made from easy reusable materials that together with high efficiency results in personal transport with minimum environmental impact.

source/image: podbike

The first PODBIKE from a test series – complete with body and canopy ready early 2018.Launch and deliveries in Norway from early 2019, and for Europe from 2020.

source/image: podbike

Designed for Nordic regions and Nordic peoples. Complete weather protection including roof and windscreen.


PodBike features an expandable battery pack system to power the electric assist velomobile for a range of up to 37 miles per charge on single packwhile the rider spins the pedals to ‘control’ the vehicle and add a bit of pedal-generated electricity back to the battery.

PODBIKE can be stored on its tail.Possible to store a minimum of eight Podbike’s on a single car parking space.Seat position can be raised automatically to ease entry and exit and is easy to adjust to fit different users.