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Polar Bear Befriends And Plays With Husky Sled Dogs In Canada

Polar bears and dogs are natural enemies, and bears usually behave quite aggressively toward dogs. Polar bears are the largest land carnivore and are many times larger than even the largest of dogs, so when a hungry polar bear spots a dog, it usually ends very badly for the dog.Brian watched in horror as the powerful bear pulled apart the plastic siding like it was tissue paper.

image/text credit: BBC

He knew polar bears roamed the area from time to time, but none of them had ever destroyed his property before. However, it wasn’t the plastic cages Brian was worried about. His dogs were chained up outside, and he knew they were no match for an angry polar bear.via(spiritedbliss).

As soon as the dogs spotted the bear, they began ferociously barking. This only intrigued the bear even more. The polar bear was quickly closing in on Brian’s sled dogs, and the man knew he was no match for the massive animal. The only thing he could do was brace for the worst…


It must have been an absolute nightmare watching a vicious polar bear walk toward animals who were just a fraction of its size. Watch the intense video below to see what happened when these two enemies met in Brian’s yard!

Amazing! Brian was shocked when he saw how the bear reacted to his dogs. Below is a video of even more incredible footage of these unlikely friends spending time together. It’s so cool to watch them bond instead of fight…