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Polar Bear Destroys An Indestructible Camouflaged BBC Spy Camera

This curious polar bear subjects a spy cam to rigorous testing, where it meets it’s demise. In an amusing clip from the BBC Earth documentary Polar Bear: Spy on The Ice, an inquisitive young polar bear in Svalbard, Norway investigated a camouflaged snowcam, unsure of its purpose.

image/text credit: BBC Earth 

As polar bears do with unknown objects, the juvenile pressed down hard on the camera a number of times until the “indestructible” camera was destroyed while filming its own demise. Perhaps as the bear gets older, he’ll learn to just set the camera upright when it falls over.

Producers of the BBC show “Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice” tried to trick their documentary “talent” on the Arctic islands of Svalbard by hiding weather-resistant cameras inside casings that looked like ice floes and other snow formations.


In an effort to catch polar bears in action without photographers losing limbs, this documentary crew sent in some spy cams. They did not last long.When one bear discovered the cameras, it didn’t work out so well for the equipment. However, most of the time, there was some amazing footage captured.