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Popping Popcorn at 30,000 FPS in Ultra Slow Motion


Popping Popcorn at 30,000 Frames Per Second Filmed in Ultra Slow Motion Macro with the Phantom v2512 Ultra High Speed Camera.The slowest slow motion clip of popcorn being popped that I know of on Youtube slow mo vids, this is a simply beautiful clip and it shows us just how fast this process actually happens.

image/text credit:  Warped Perception

It’s very interesting that popcorn goes from a small, hard kernel to this delicious fluffy white cloud that is soft and delicious.

At 30,000 FPS—1,250 times slower than real time—you can watch the kernel’s insides expand peel the hard hull apart like a rose blooming. If it gets much slower, this kernel’s heading back in time.


This slow-mo video of kernels popping will show you the exact moment the white cloud bursts from the confines of the kernel and transforms into deliciousness.Amazingly You can see the popcorn is still cooking after it pops , very interesting.