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Porsche 911 $4M Singer DLS 4.0


I’m in Scotland for a dream drive in the exceptional Singer DLS! Join me for a first experience in the 1-of-75 Dynamics & Lightweighting Study, arguably the ultimate Porsche 911 to ever be built. With 9,300rpm of 4.0 flat-6 at our disposal, the sound is to die for, let’s go!

source.image: Shmee150

My year is getting off to an amazing start; straight after getting behind the wheel of my friend’s Lamborghini Reventon Roadster, we’ve hopped into another of the Scotland Lamborghini Collection, this time the Singer DLS, a reimagined Porsche 911 from the 964 generation. Singer effectively take the engine block and chassis of the original car to retain the VIN, but everything else is new – effectively building a “GT2 RS” of its era, with modern technologies and materials.

This particular car is named the Peppermint Commission – each example having a name given to it by the owner – and is of course completely and totally bespoke. With a total run of only 75 DLS, standing for Dynamics & Lightweighting Study, it’s an example of Singer partnering with the very top partners to make the ultimate machine.


For example the engine is produced with Williams Advanced Engineering, it sports bespoke seats, tyres, brakes, steering wheel and more from the best names in the industry.Very conscious of the horrific weather facing me here in Scotland, and the potential for disaster, let’s build up towards the 9,300rpm and hearing that glorious sound in full anger!