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Porteos Motorcycle Ramp Load A Motorcycle Up To 550 kg


Our patented motorcycle ramp can load a bike of up to 550 kg to a height of up to 150 cm.Is easily installed in Pickups, Vans, Trailers, using 4-8 standard bolts. We also have an accessory to install the ramp without the need for drilling, using the tie-downs of your Pickup/Van.

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Even bikes with very low ground clearance are no problem. Our ramp puts little to no pressure on the tailgate. You can also use our ramp to facilitate maintenance of the bike. The unique lifting mechanism also allows you to simply slide the bike out when you need to service it. more info about Porteos Ramps here:

There’s no need to buy a special motorcycle trailer, often very expensive, just to transport your motorcycle. When you don’t need the ramp, just unscrew the bolts and remove the ramp – this takes about 5-10 minutes.


Our unique system can be fixed to your Pickups/Vans cargo bed without drilling! Using an extra accessory, and standard ratchet straps, the ramp can be fixed using the tie-downs of your vehicle. Spacers are also provided with this accessory to keep the ramp level and avoid scratching the cargo bed.Using this accessory, you can install and remove the ramp in a matter of minutes!Porteos Ramps

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