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Process Of Wood Carving Sculpture “Arabian Horse”

This month’s project involves the carving of a horse’s , and there is quite a bit of scope to personalise the design.There are so many different types of horse that you have a huge range of choices. Probably the two most popular breeds for people to draw, paint or carve are the Thoroughbred and Arabian.

image/text credit: Mihail Baikov

They are very different in appearance and I suggest you choose one of them for your carving.Carve this rustic horse as a stand-alone project or size the pattern to create the perfect complement to your favorite carved horse.

Use twigs for the antlers to add to the rustic charm and simplify the carving process. I use knives, chisels, and gouges to carve the deer, leaving the tool marks visible. Use power carving tools or sand away the tool marks and wood-burn fur texture for a more realistic reindeer.


Whatever method you use you are aiming to get the pattern cut out as accurately as you can – work to the lines, not somewhere near the lines – any allowances have been made in the basic pattern. Once you start carving the form of the head you will lose any lines you have drawn and there is a danger of the head being larger than the pattern if you deviate.