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“Project Bomberbike” – This One Of A Kind Motorcucle Runs On A Roatary Airplane Engine

If there is one thing to be said about most car and bike enthusiasts it is that more often than not they can create some of the most interesting and badass custom bikes on the road. Sure, stock bikes are awesome and can provide emmence power from point A to point B, but what if you want unique style, out of this world performance and something that really turn heads.

image/text credit: FilmDich

There is so much torque in these things that they want to pull you to the left or the right, so actually riding it would be pretty dangerous.It’s also front wheel drive, which is in itself a very different oddity.

This bike is a total custom fabrication bomberbike featuring a big old radial engine in the front that we hear may make the bike unrideable! Watch the video on the next page and enjoy!!


In this video we check out one custom built bike that does all of that and it has been dubbed the Project Bomber Bike.This hot motorcycle is one of the fiercest custom bikes we have ever looked at and it’s sound is nearly deafening. Unfortunately the video does not give much detail on the bike, but without a doubt it is a one of kind build.