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“Proteus” – A Spider-Like Sea Craft Made For Smoother Sailing

Bay Area engineer Ugo Conti has sailed the world, but has always suffered from seasickness. A queasy stomach became his motivation to design “Proteus” — a spider-like sea craft made for smoother sailing.

source/image: wam-v

He designed the Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel to cross the ocean while flexing with the movement of the waves. And it may change the way people take to the high seas.

source/image: wam-v

Proteus, a 100′ technology demonstrator, was launched in 2007, introducing WAM-V Technology to the world. Succeeding its maiden voyage in the San Francisco Bay.


The manned Proteus continued to sail over 3,000 miles in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Mediterranean and on a good-will mission for NOAA’s Marine Sanctuary Program.

From October 2007 to April 2012, the vessel was stationed at Fort Story’s Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek in Norfolk, VA, under an ONR contract to assess and study the technology in cooperation with Combatant Craft and Virginia Tech.