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Pumping Iron With Kenya’s Strongest Mother and Daughter

Mercy Obiero and her daughter Natasha Okoth are some of the strongest women in Kenya. Mercy, a national weightlifting legend, embraced the sport during a time when very few women were doing so.

She has competed in four Commonwealth Games, four All-Africa Games, four African Championships and has even been to the Olympics. Now, Mercy is helping train her daughter to take her place as the strongest woman in the country.

She was the first Kenyan woman weightlifter at the Olympics and the second from Africa after Uganda’s Irene Ajiambo.Obiero made her international debut at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester where she failed to get a result.


Four years later, she participated at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, where she finished in 7th place in the up to 63 kg weight class. In 2010, she competed at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi and finished in 5th position in the up to 69 kg weight class.