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R6 New Generation Eco Rotary Engine Concept


Breaking the car’s addiction to oil – cost competitively. Enables plug-in hybrids which drive 50% electric 50% ICE. Total system cost $2,500, including battery sufficient for 30km EV range (the average global daily driving distance).

source: libralato /image(PrtSc): Dan Aris

Reduces fuel consumption by 70% and CO2 emissions by 55% (including electricity generation). Marginal cost $1,000 vs conventional gasoline ICE, repaid from fuel savings in under 2 years – without subsidy, without range anxiety, without new charging infrastructure.

The R6 eco-engine by libralato is a 21st century breakthrough in engine design, highly simplified and optimised for a single operating point as a generator unit. The Libralato rotary 6 phase (R6) cycle can supersede the 19th century cycles of Otto and Diesel, fundamentally because it can convert higher pressure with lower heat rejection.


The R6 eco-engine is ideally suited for use with hydrogen because the R6 rotors convert the high pressure pulse into torque directly from top-dead-centre.The R6 eco-engine offers all the advantages of a fuel cell but with a 90% reduction in cost. This makes zero carbon trucks, aircraft, boats and ships feasible with no compromise in: purchase cost/ weight/ payload/ refuelling time.via/read more: libralato

VIADan Aris
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