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Rare 1966 Circraft With a Scott 40 HP Motor

This 1966 Circraft saucer is named Gettn’ Round. The driver of this circular boat stands in the cockpit and steers by shifting his or her body weight. It was filmed at the 10,000 Lakes Concours D’Elegance.Like some kind of aquatic flying saucer, the ‘Circraft’ is an English invention that brings a whole new dimension to messing about on the water.

image credit: KDawgFilmz

Round, revolutionary and radical, it may be pint-sized but the fun to be had is enormous.Powered by an outboard engine of 9.9hp up to 40hp, the ‘Circraft’ can hit maximum speeds of 40 mph across the water but has no rudder for steering.

image credit: KDawgFilmz

Instead, human bodyweight provides the momentum – lean left go left, lean right and the ‘Circraft’ will do the same.

image credit: KDawgFilmz

Want to come to a standstill? Flip the throttle to neutral and it’ll glide to a halt, literally within feet. And, in a similar fashion to a jetski, a cut-out cord connects outboard to driver ensuring safety in the event of any mishap.


However, unlike a jetski, the ‘Circraft’ doesn’t carry the same restrictions on use and is therefore more flexible – not to mention cheaper. Designed to take one or two passengers, if you’re driving as a duo remember to lean together, the ‘Circraft’ is social, fun and unusual.

Maybe you fancy a leisurely weekend exploring the waterways and waves or want to group together and set up some competitive racing – the choice is yours. And, with endless options to customise the colours, designs and finishes, you can make the ‘Circraft’ a perfect reflection of your tastes and personality.