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“Ray Serva” The Fully Automatic Parking System

Fully automatic parking with RAY™ is comfortable, space saving and flexible.This revolutionary automatic parking system provides maximum comfort for the users while delivering the most efficient use of parking space.The robot, called Ray, adjusts its arms to fit the new vehicle, then drives to the transfer station and slides its arms around the tires to lift the vehicle off the ground.

source/image: serva transport systems 

The electric-powered Rays travel at speeds up to 6 mph. Each Ray drives autonomously, guided by laser navigation and mapping software. The Ray knows its exact location thanks to its lasers that bounce off reflectors positioned throughout the garage.

The comfortable transfer station offered by RAY™ allows for driving straight into a broad, brightly-lit environment as opposed to an often cramped and dimly-lit garage. Customers can easily enter and exit the car without the risk of damaging their own or other cars. All doors can be fully opened and the vehicle can be easily loaded or unloaded.


Whether for SUV or small cars, the comfortable transfer station makes every parking maneuver easy in a space that’s always wheelchair accessible. Place the comfortable transfer station by RAY™ near your entrance area and give your customers shortest walking distances.We park for you! Customers just leave their car, get the ticket – and that’s it. Parking is done by RAY™.