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RC Motorhomes RC12M £650k Ultimate Motorhome


RC12M by Rcmotorhomes An astonishing motorhome with a unique party trick!This enchanting motorhome is one of the best pedigree vehicles of its class on the market boasting clean uncluttered lines and a coherent design.

source/image(PrtSc): MOTAHOLIC

The RC12M is built on a Volvo FH Chassis with a huge 540 horsepower turbo diesel engine. The RC12M has hall marks you would expect from an RC Motorhome, commanding no less than 4 massive slide-outs, 7 metre awning and a huge rear car garage. This all adds up to a living space normally found in a luxury apartment with superyacht interior finish. Watch the video from MOTAHOLIC for more info:

The RC12M has been designed with a greater floor height which allows all of the engineering areas to be watertight inside the vehicle. Every feature and option has been carefully considered and designed by constantly listening to owners needs.Because this is designed and built by RC Motorhomes, you are guaranteed ultimate style, space and quality.


This is a true example of a luxurious motorhome blending beauty and power with an interior so vast you will forget you are in a motorhome. The RC12M comes with no less than FOUR large slide-outs, enabling the lounge, kitchen and master suite to be simply enormous. This apartment like space will make you forget you are in a motorhome.A very special feature of the RC12M is the massive garage at the rear. A garage that will hold many things. Even your sports car!//source