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Remain Of a Dinosaur-Like Animal With Flesh On Its Bones Found In An Abandoned Electrical Substation In India

Remain of a animal skeleton looking similar to a dinosaur found in Jaspur Udham Singh Nagar district of Uttarakhand.Speculation regarding the truth will be done by DNA test Carbon Dating which will ascertain the truth in coming days.

image/text credit: Dr. Parag Madhukar Dhakate 

A skeleton is found in the town of Jaspur in Uttarakhand, which is exactly like the dinosaur. It is reported that this skeleton of Dinosaur has been found in a power plant in Jaspur, which had been closed for almost 35 years, and here it was opened for some reason.

image credit: PEN News

That is, this skeleton can only be 35 years old. People were surprised to see this. The question is whether the dinosaurs, who were told to lose their existence millions of years ago, were present in the earth and especially in Uttarakhand 35 years ago. If this is true, then the study will find a new direction about dinosaurs.


However, Jaspur police took possession of it. Jaspur police station said that the skeleton is being handed over to the Forest Department for further investigation. Also, the National Geographic Channel, as well as experts interested in this regard, are also trying to contact.

After examining experts, the exact age of the skeleton is expected only after the situation is clear.Regarding forest conservator Southern Kumaun circle, IFS officer Dr. Parag Madhukar Dhokate says that this skeleton looks like a dinosaur. Through ‘DNA carbon dating’, its age and other facts will be traced correctly.