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Renovated 5th Wheel RV With All the Comforts of Home


Welcome to our channel! Join Kirsten and her husband Devon from Fifth Wheel Living as they give you an in-depth tour of their luxurious RV, perfect for those considering full-time RV living. Discover the practicalities of RV life, from the spacious kitchen to the cozy bedroom with a washer and dryer. Here’s how they make RV living comfortable and efficient.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

The kitchen is one of Kirsten’s favorite spots in the RV. It features an island that allows both Kis and Devon to cook simultaneously, each having their own cooking space with a four-burner stove and separate ovens. The kitchen also includes a residential fridge, convection oven, and a mini dishwasher used for extra storage. They emphasize the benefits of having a propane stove and oven, which provide quick and efficient cooking while being cost-effective.

Their living room is designed for comfort and entertainment, boasting a 65-inch TV, a cozy fireplace, and JBL speakers for a cinematic experience. The second dining room overlooks the living room, allowing for socializing and participation in activities while cooking or dining. This layout is ideal for hosting guests and creating a homey atmosphere. The bathroom is equipped with a regular RV toilet and a shower with a decorative curtain and a glass door to prevent water from spilling.


Kis shares tips on maximizing storage with baskets and using space-efficient accessories like a sink cover that provides additional counter space. The bathroom design ensures a clean and functional space for everyday use. Kirsten’s favorite part of the bedroom is the washer and dryer, a luxury she missed when they first started RV living. The bedroom features a king-sized bed (soon to be replaced with a queen for more walking space), a custom-built closet with storage bins, and additional storage cabinets. The washer and dryer are almost residential-sized, making laundry convenient and efficient.