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Renovated RV Tour Stunning Tiny Home On A Budget


Jared and Kayla invite you into their thoughtfully renovated trailer home. From DIY kitchen upgrades to efficient small-space living solutions, they share how they’ve transformed an old trailer into a modern, functional living space perfect for their adventurous lifestyle.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Sink and Faucet: See how they upgraded to a trough sink with a versatile faucet, improving functionality and style in their cooking area.Oven and Stove: Discover the quirks of living with a propane oven and how they manage temperature fluctuations during cooking.Storage Solutions: Explore the creative storage ideas, including a spice rack secured with a bungee cord and cleverly repurposed drawers.

Custom L-Bar and Work Area: Find out how removing an old couch made way for an expansive counter space, enhancing their work-from-home experience. Spacious Living Room: See how opting for a large couch instead of a traditional dinette set creates an open, airy feel in their living area.


Bunk Beds to Storage: Learn how the additional bunk beds are utilized for guest accommodation and extra storage. Energy Independence: Discover their impressive solar setup with 600 amp hours of lithium batteries and nearly 1,800 watts of solar panels, ensuring they stay powered wherever they roam. Bathroom and Vanity Makeover: Sink and Storage: Check out the stylish sink replacement and ingenious storage hacks in their vanity and bathroom area. Original Shower and Tub: Peek into the minimal changes made to the bathroom, keeping it functional and straightforward.