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Rescued Bear With Amputated Paws,Is Loving Her New Life!

What a wonderful moment: Hai Chan, the bear missing her front paws, has moved into her species-appropriate outdoor enclosure at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Bin. It’s the very first time in her life that she is getting in touch with grass, soil, trees and water.

image/text credit: FOUR PAWS Int

When Hai Chan was rescued, the bear was living in a tiny metal cage in a dirty, poorly ventilated room on a farm. She was suffering from enlarged adrenal glands and stress; malnutrition and the bile extraction process had taken a toll on her health.Her paws had already been amputated, likely to produce bear paw wine, when rescuers found her.via(nationalgeographic).

FOUR PAWS International is an admirable animal rescue organization that recently saved three bears who were suffering immensely at a bile farm in Vietnam. Bear bile is used in Traditional Asian Medicine for everything from headaches to shampoo, but it comes at a great cost to the bears.via(onegreenplanet).


In order to extract the bile fluid, bears have to be tightly restrained as a catheter is inserted into their gallbladder – this process is extremely painful and can happen daily. Many bears are kept in horrible conditions and barely kept alive.