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Retired Couple’s Super Custom Zero Waste Tiny House


This 300 square foot zero waste tiny house was custom-built for a newly retired couple. It has a massive rooftop deck to create some extra outdoor living space, and it has a unique floor plan that includes a raised living room with a view, and two reverse lofts that eliminate the need for ladders.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

Buddy and Barb are an inspiring waste-conscious couple with some impressive accomplishments. For nearly 20 years they ran the award-winning Gibson’s Recycling Depot where they worked to recycle and divert waste from the landfill, and in 2017 they also did the Bolt Across Canada road trip where they drove across the country in an electric vehicle while creating zero waste on the road.

So it’s no surprise that their tiny house project incorporates zero waste principles like conserving resources and reducing waste. The home is well insulated and it has triple glazed windows so it requires less energy to heat and cool, it has fixtures like a waterless urinal and a sink toilet combo to reduce water use.


It has a built-in charging station for an electric car, and it has an indoor composting set up to reduce the amount of household waste they send to the landfill. They also used reclaimed materials throughout the house when they could./Exploring Alternatives