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Revcon 4×4 Trailblazer RV Truck Camper


This 1993 Revcon 4×4 Trail Blazer RV truck camper is one of 67 ever made & has become the perfect home for proud-owner, J.P. Smith. This camper has many of the original design features including a built in dinette, overhead cabinets for storage, a wetbath, & large bed.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

Although many of the original features have been left alone, J.P. did remodel the kitchen by adding a beautiful butcher block countertop & switched to a removable induction stove.

This incredible camper is stocked with an air fryer, coffee machine, ice maker, & a microwave. What more could you ask for? J.P. has lived nomadically for 24 years through a combination of backpacking, motor biking, & now finally, RV life.


He has been in this Revcon for a little over a year now & absolutely loves it. From the incredible origin story of how J.P. acquired this camper, to the rarity of this vehicle, this home on wheels was destined to be lived in & enjoyed by J.P.