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Rimono,A tiny Electric Two-Seater Car That Is Really Easy To Drive

Rimono Corp. is a small business venture headed by a former bureaucrat and a car designer that recently debuted its new concept car, called Rimono.Called simply Rimono, the 86-inch-long concept blurs the line between a car and a scooter.

image credit: Motor1.com

When viewed from a distance, it stands out thanks to a friendly design characterized by a grille-less front end, round headlights, and a two-tone blue and beige paint job.However, the most striking aspect of the Rimono is that its body is made entirely out of a waterproof material called polyester cotton.

image credit: excite.co.jp

That’s the same type of fabric generally used to manufacture tarps.The minimalist treatment continues inside, where the Rimono offers space for either two adults or one adult and two kids.


The steering is commanded through a scooter-like handlebar, and the instrument cluster is made up of a pair of gauges that look like they came out of a kiddy car.An iPad mounted directly behind the handlebar replaces the traditional infotainment system that’s usually found in bigger cars.

Power for the Rimono is provided by a 6.8-horsepower electric motor that draws electricity from a four-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, according to Motor1. The two-seater has a top speed of 28 mph, and it can drive for up to 31 miles on a single charge.