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Rioja Expanding Luxury Motorhome


A motorhome is a driver’s home during his/her stay in the paddock. They are constructed and designed in detail, in search for greater comfort and functionality. We offer personalized solutions in each project. Our motor homes come with a useful surface area of nearly 70 metres and are equipped with all manner of appliances; automated temperature and lighting controls, television, telephone and internet etc.

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They can be built according to the needs of each individual client, organising living areas and developing bespoke interior design. This unit has two bedrooms, both with ensuite facilities, large centre lounge and kitchen. Satellite TV with full movie and sports package.

Step inside, and you’ll find a set of stairs that lead to a master bedroom with a large bed, computer desk, clothes dresser / closet, TV screen, and even a bathroom with both toilet and sink.the furnishes are lavish. The bedroom separates the lounge from the bathroom, which includes a jacuzzi tub and an enclosed shower that could easily accommodate three people.


Other ares include a second bedroom, a children’s room large enough for two twin beds, a shower and a living room with two TVs. In road mode, Rioja trailers are no higher than 4 meters.Every vehicle is customized down to the tiniest detail, according to your preferences. We only offer the best quality with top-class materials. We have been manufacturing for more than 150 years and our manufacturing technology is so innovative that it cannot be shown in a standard vehicle.

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