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Robot Excavator Builds Massive Stone Wall On Its Own


Robot excavator has built a six metre high and 65 metre long dry stone wall without human assistance. it shows that robots could change the future of construction making the process faster and better for the environment. A multidisciplinary team of ETH Zurich researchers developed a method of using an autonomous excavator to construct a dry-​stone wall that is six meters high and sixty-​five meters long.

source.image: Global Update

The escavator is called HEAP which is a modified version of the 12-ton Menzi Muck M545 walking excavator, transformed by the ETH Zurich research institute.

The walking excavators’ special features are based on a sophisticated high-tech chassis and the patented boom: various hydraulic cylinders enable the all-rounder to adapt its wheels and supports to any terrain. For this in some countries the Menzi Muck is also called spider excavator.


Fixed tilting edges on Menzi Muck tracked excavators can be adjusted depending on the task ahead thanks to the adjustable wheel and claw supports. As a result, it produces lifting and ripping forces beyond those of conventional excavators.A Menzi Muck weighing 9.5 tons produces an output similar to that of a 20 ton tracked excavator.